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Best books I read in 2021

Something you should know about your coach, is that I read. Whether I read a lot or not, is entirely dependent on your understanding of the word ‘a lot’. If you’ve worked with me, you know what I say about the world behind words and how each of us creates our own for every word. Nonetheless, I read a fair share of books, but I don’t set reading goals. It's one of those areas in my life that doesn’t require goal setting.

I love reading both fiction and nonfiction books. I find answers in books. When I'm feeling demotivated, I pick up a non-fiction book on the subject that's bothering me. And when I'm feeling the need to escape or switch off, I turn to fiction. It is so comforting to know that there will always be books to lean on.

Below is a list of 5 books out of the many I read last year, that I loved most.

  1. Midnight Library: Fiction that paints a new world while still sharing a life learning is my favourite kind. Midnight Library explores the concept of how any different version of your life would still have different challenges. Yes, you may get some things you don’t have today but you will also lose other things you do have. It teaches you to love your life with all its imperfections because it’s the only one you’ve got.

  2. Atomic Habits: There are a lot of productivity books in the market but this one does a fabulous job in making it practical. It is so simply written that its almost shocking something that simple could be this impactful.

  3. Big Magic: This may now be one of my most favourite books EVER. The way the author talks about her love for her art is how I feel about my love for writing and coaching.

  4. A Man called Ove: Another beautiful piece of fiction. We are so quick to judge people for their behaviour but as we know in coaching, each of us behave a certain way because of our life circumstances, patterns, and values.

  5. Man’s search for meaning: I actually remember what I was doing and how I felt when I was reading this. I read it during a lockdown. The streets were so quiet outside. My husband was watching a football game in the room. My in laws were talking to a relative overseas on the phone in their room. I was sitting on the swing in the balcony with my Kindle. And as I read every page, I felt this strange sense of peace. Every once in a while, I get this feeling that’s hard to describe. Its when I feel the very definition of the word peace in my entire being. And it happened when I read this book.

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