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About Me

I’m Krusha.

I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter in law, a niece, an aunt, a friend, Director at a global SaaS company, a published author, LinkedIn Top Voice and an ICF certified career & life coach.

My Story

I am a lucky girl.

At least this is what I always told other people, and it is what a lot of people probably thought/think of me.

Truth is I really am lucky in a lot of ways. I was born and brought up in South Mumbai, my grandparents could afford sending me abroad to study, I have great metabolism and an overall body and face structure that is considered ‘good looking’ in our society, I found the love of my life in my early twenties, I don’t have any major illnesses, I have very supportive in laws, I am blessed with a baby, I have a job I love, and this gratitude list could go on.

What I don’t talk about enough (because it always seemed so small in comparison to everything I do have is that my parents got divorced when I was fifteen and it wasn’t a common occurrence at the time, I have psoriasis and there were days it got so bad during my school days that I didn’t wear shorts outside the house until I was sixteen, I definitely had my share of heartbreaks, I have felt lost in my career more than once, among other smaller elements with a list that could also go on.

I still think the ratio there is quite etched towards good luck, but a lot of my life (like all of our lives) is a series of choices I made, beliefs I held and habits I cultivated. I chose to work full time at nineteen when no one told me I had to. I chose to quit CA despite good grades. I chose to work after marriage. I chose to create side hustles even when I worked full time in a job I liked. I chose to switch my diet to a healthier one, even when I had no jarring reason to. I chose to unconditionally believe in love. I chose to have a baby at 29 at the peak of my career. And this list too, goes on.

And so, I’ve come to realize that outside of my good luck what has brought me success (and happiness) in different spheres of my life is my mindset and my habits inculcated during the years.

I chose to work on myself and find my version of 'having it all'. You can too. And I’d like to help.

Disclaimer: I am far from perfect. I am still working on myself every day because there’s always new things to discover and conquer. It is an ongoing process, as is life itself. 

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