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Let go of all that’s holding you back, and fly to your highest potential.

I’m so happy you’re here!

Butterfly Effect Coach
Coack Krusha
What is coaching?

Should we work together?

The world is a very noisy place today. As a woman you are constantly being told what you can and cannot do. But are you clear on what YOU want to do?

I am here to tell you its okay to prioritize yourself. No – it’s IMPORTANT to prioritize yourself. Let your cup overflow! Only then can you pour from it.

As an ICF certified life and career coach, I want to partner with you to unlock your potential and help you create the life you are dreaming of or aren’t even daring to dream about yet.

I am not here to tell you what to do because no one size fits all. I am here to help YOU figure out YOUR perfect size of life and then walk you to it.

You will rid yourself of limiting beliefs, rewire your mindset, set new habits, and start creating the reality you want and deserve.

Do you resonate with any of the below?

  • I know I want to do more but I’m not sure what or how

  • I feel like my life is happening on autopilot

  • I am so tired to even think about what else could be possible

  • I get started on a goal but then it fizzles out

  • Being able to have it all is a myth

  • I am doing it all but I’m not happy

If the answer to any of these (or similar feelings) is yes, let’s work together.

There’s probably a reason you’re here. Take that next step.






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